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underfell asriel and chara
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However, the most common depiction is for them to be a "good" person, trying to save monsters and help Frisk through the Underground. At the end of a True Pacifist run, Chara is sometimes shown as appearing to the player and congratulating them on exercising mercy. Chara's clothing is usually drawn as a red sweater with a black stripe, black pants, and brown boots, however, popular interpretations of their sweater colors vary more widely than in Frisk's case. Other depictions have Chara act ambiguously sadistic and cruel when they appear, and making them a clear-cut bully to Asriel during their life. In general, Chara is a very controversial "chara-cter" that has many different personalities and interpretations in Undertale and its fandom and AUs.

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Some fan depictions have the monsters already acting cruel or edgy before Chara falls, however.

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Others have Chara take a more villainous personality, sometimes this is just to help Frisk escape rather than out of malice or morbid curiosity. Sign In Don't have an account? With these depictions, some fans write Chara as being bullied by Asriel before their untimely death. Chara's personality as a child is often unclear.

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