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Some children, however, find these methods of treating the bowels ineffective, as you cannot schedule when you will have a bowel movement, which often results in bowel accidents. You can also contact Coloplast Customer Care for advice and support. The cards can be used to play different fun games that can be adapted to suit age and skills. If performed regularly, it will make your child feel more comfortable and prevent problems such as bowel leakage and constipation. The process takes about 30—45 minutes. The benefits of using Peristeen :.

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Consult a doctor or a nurse to get proper guidance or training in how to use the bowel flushing product you have chosen and always read the instructions.

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When laxatives and enemas are insufficient Peristeen bowel irrigation system is the recommended treatment when bowel medication such as laxatives and enemas have failed or is insufficient. Regular emptying of your bowels can make a big difference to your quality of life. Anal plug for bowel leakage The Peristeen Anal Plug is a simple, safe and discreet aid for bowel incontinence.

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