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Chanelle and Ziggy's dirty shower — Big Brother 8. While technically there was nothing going on between them, we can never look at one of our favourite biscuits in the same way after hearing Mario purr: "Just dunking my custard cream into this hot juicy tea. Bit more innocent than later events, isn't it? That would all have been fine and dandy not much different to things we'd seen before if it wasn't for the post-coital chat. Channel 4 responds to Celebrity Big Brother return. Lea's sex talk — Big Brother 7.

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Saskia and Maxwell don't get wet — Big Brother 6.

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Big Brother: 17 of the filthiest, dirtiest, most shocking moments ever on the show

But in amongst all the arguing, the pair found the time for some night-time duvet action and — perhaps more eyebrow-raisingly — lots of long, lingering soapy baths. Stuart was still dressed in a policeman's hat from a stripper task earlier, but all we could see when they got under the table was toes curling really. The duo attempted to hide their watery antics by draping towels over the screen, but we all knew what was going on, didn't we?

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