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lara croft sam
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So enjoyable to read that I'm passing it on to others! As a queen I'll tell you that I have never once looked at someone's ear piercing to determine if I should hit on them. If no one gives a shit about homophobia, we'll forever be one large step behind in advancing socially as a society. Try to think of a female character who's strong, capable in action, well written, stars in her own game not a sequel to one starring a male like say Yuna in FFX-2 or a spin-off like Aveline in AC: Liberation and is unquestionably straight not Bi. Its a fic that goes in about a what if situation. Square Enix is impacting the world more than they think on a social level.

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Amy. Age: 26.
lara croft sam

Trading favoritism for one "Group" over another "group" will still be favoritism.

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Blair. Age: 23.
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Lara Croft Returns in this First Trailer for Tomb Raider

If lara got to sam to late and since its in progress laras attempt to reconcile or find a way to reverse what happened. Lara Croft should stay just as a story about a action hero who just happens to be a woman. Lara from the game is one of the worst character ever. Alice American McGee's Alice.

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