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Julius Rodriguez declares he has no conflict of interest. Many struggled to build relationships with women that shared their identity, in part because they perceived limited opportunities to network and build community. For example, women reported hiding their sexual identity or same-sex relationships from family members, receiving negative comments from family members, or having a break in contact with family members. Minority stress theory helps explain how the stressors that sexual minorities experience impact health outcomes [ 15 , 16 ]. Background Both the Latina and the Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer LBQ populations are growing in the United States, yet little is known about sexual health of young Latina lesbian, bisexual and queer women 1 [ 1 ]. International Journal of Drug Policy. Support Center Support Center.

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Trust as a proxy for safer sex Participants identified trust as important in their sexual decision-making processes and behaviors.

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Cervical cancer screening among women aged 18—30 years - United States — Data Analysis Interviews were digitally recorded, transcribed verbatim and reviewed by team members to establish familiarity with the data. Effect of relationship factors on safer sex decisions in older inner-city women.

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