Border collie anthro

border collie anthro
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But he has weapons I guess. Actually, he's basically a rip-off of Captain Bird. I mean anything that has to do with becoming overweight is oh. His fourth appearance is like the one in the infobox, but he doesn't look like a Sonic character and minus the attire. Even in the old snorty ones from like seven years ago!

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Eloise. Age: 27.
border collie anthro

Originally, they all looked like Drex, but that ain't original!

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Karsyn. Age: 27.
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Border Collie Anthro

He's more serious than Scotty though He is supposed to be the best chef ever. And they all wear red collars but you can't see that in the picture. No actually, pancakes, but more like shepherd's pie and nothing like pancakes.

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