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He is much more popular than Palkia amongst Arceus and Pokefans as he is much less evil and much less of a penis respectively. Canadians and Australians may not understand anything at all. Dialga is a seriously retarded dinosaur. Far too fat to be anything short of obese. It may not be as ugly as this template, but it still needs to be fixed. Arceus is one of those things that makes you gawp because of the awesome lightning aura around it.

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Seriously, what were they thinking when they reasoned that a giant starfish is a better idea than, say, a THIRD huge butterfly?.

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At the end of the movie, Greg is shot by a sniper who was aiming for Anthony Carmine. After seven years, the cult had gained control of three quarters of the earth's population and seven eighths of it's pokemon. Arceus had a wank and passed two great kidney stones: The butch dildo man penis Palkia and the retarded dinosaur Dialga. Dare not incur Arceus' divine wrath, or else the consequences shall be severe and merciless, and life shall become an evanescent wisp.

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