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Not only are east Asian actors finally leading films rather than playing supporting roles, their characters are relatable and desirable. That was three years ago, however, and since then the landscape has completely shifted for east Asian actors in Hollywood. Finally, it seems that east Asians are being depicted as authentic human beings rather than foreign caricatures. Comedy films Action and adventure films Thrillers film Marvel Drama films features. York Loh, who is of mixed British Chinese heritage, says he is one of many actors who have been asked to exaggerate their foreignness in auditions.

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The new heart-throbs: how Hollywood embraced east Asian actors, from Henry Golding to Simu Liu

It was replaced with one of them hugging instead. There is this perception that non-Asian men are more masculine. Apart from Sessue Hayakawa , a Japanese silent film star of the early 20th century, east Asian men have effectively been neutered in Hollywood movies.

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