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Dawn and Kenny have been friends since they were little as their both from Twinleaf Town. Dawn respect May as a Coordinator and a good friend. Ash and Dawn have an unbreakable friendship for one another as they would high five each other whenever one wins something or as a sign of their friendship. They part ways after their journey together had ended. Although, Dawn realized that she made a mistake and decided to go get Pachirisu. At times, Dawn would go to her mother for advice whenever she needed it. Dawn enjoys doing various things with Pachirisu.

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Iris. Age: 21.
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Dawn seems to be more fixated on her appearance than the other two main female characters Misty and May.

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Neriah. Age: 23.
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Dawn (anime)

Her usual outfit is a mini dress, consisting of a black V-neck tank top with a white shirt under it, a very short pink miniskirt and a red scarf. At night, she is seen wearing pink pajama bottoms and a matching shirt with a yellow line going down them. Dawn is a very confident girl in her abilities, though not to the same extent as Ash Ketchum.

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