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A fourth ushebti, which breaks when a weakness is detected in Shadi's heart, held the Millennium Key. As Weevil arrived upon the thief's summoning. However it is actually Mokuba in disguise. Tea became bashful, seeing Yami Yugi, but handed him her love tester, thinking it might be of some use. Elsewhere, Joey has been dropped by the Kurama into a nest of its young. She learns that Pegasus had a wife name Cecelia, who died and Pegasus was trying to revive her using the Millennium Items and Kaiba Corporation technology. Duke and Tristan took Mai's unconscious body away, while Tea and the others stayed to watch the last quarter final Duel between Kaiba and the last finalist, who they were surprised to learn was Ishizu Ishtar, the woman they had met at the museum.

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He explained that years previous, in addition to the Pharaoh's soul, a fragment of Zorc Necrophades' soul had been sealed in the Millennium Puzzle, only one of which can return to the real world.

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Tea Gardner

Yami Marik ends up getting the rod back, and he tries to get rid of Marik with the rod. However, Kokurano tried to make himself the man from the prediction and caused Tea to swoon, by knocking her out with a bottle of chloroform. They quickly learned that other people could not see them and trying to touch solid matter, resulted in them phasing through it. While Tristan was the first to reach her, soon after he was followed by Joey.

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